24 Classes Credit

Blue/Green/Black & Red Stripes

Advanced Poom-Se. – Tae Geuk 4

Jang One Step Two Punching(1~4)

Self-Defense – Hand Grabs(Yon Hang , Choke)

Board Breaking (Yop Hoo R Gi – Step behind Hook Kick)

Free Sparring



Open Workout

5/6 Count Kick

Speed Running Kick (Ap ChaGi, Dolyo ChaGi)

Speed Jumping Kicks (ApChaGi, Dolyo ChaGi, Yop ChaGi) Combination Across Mat

Sparring Drills


Children’s Questions

  1. What is your goal at Tigers Black Belt Academy? A. To become the best Black belt I can be.


  1. Who do you think is the best student at Tigers Black Belt Academy?
  2. “I am, Sir!” Because I never give up until I accomplish my goals.

What is the meaning of Blue Belt?

Signifies the sky, youth and ambition, Sir!

Why do you use control in free sparring?

To demonstrate mental discipline, physical control of ourselves,

To build self-confidence which indicates a strong mind, Sir!

Black Belt Philosophy