20 Classes Credit

Blue/Green/Black & Red Stripes

Advanced Poom-Se. – PTae Geuk 2

Jang One Step One Punching(1~4)

Student Creed

Board Breaking (Yop Cha Gi – Side Kick)



Self-Defense – Hand Grabs(Letter 4 #1 &2)

Falling Tech (Hoi-Jeon)

5/6 Count Kick

Speed Running Kick (Ap ChaGi, Dolyo ChaGi) Attacking Across Mat

Sparring Drills

Free Sparring



What is the meaning of Green Belt?

Signifies the spring, starting to grow and beginnings, Sir!

Can you explain what makes power?

Power is made by weight and speed together with relaxation, concentration, and confidence, Sir!

Why do we Test?

We test to further our knowledge of Taekwondo through test preparation and test experience, to gain confidence

by performing under pressure, and to let a qualified judge determine the increase of my knowledge, Sir!

Black Belt Philosophy