Improve your 4 or 5 year old’s focus and increase their confidence.

Better focus and increased confidence for your 4 or 5 year old!

Tae Kwon Do increases focus while your child is having tons of fun!

Our martial arts classes will keep your son or daughter excited to come to class every time!

Teaching children to stay focused is one of our specialties.

With specially designed classes for 4 and 5 year olds, your child will learn the importance of eye contact, posture, and active listening skills that will benefit them not only in Tae Kwon Do but at home, too.

Tae Kwon Do students have an easier time concentrating and are able to control the fidgeting that often takes other children off track.

The results are incredible.

Tae Kwon Do builds confidence!

Is your son or daughter a little bit shy and need some help coming out of their shell?

Tae Kwon Do builds confidence by teaching children how to persevere through challenges, show enthusiasm, and maintain a positive attitude.

With confidence, a child knows they can meet any challenges ahead.

By seeing their skills improve and goals become reality, children gain a sense of accomplishment; they feel more in control of their situation, and feelings of helplessness disappear.

Tae Kwon Do provides children with the knowledge, attitude, skills, and confidence which continues into their adult lives.

Our Instructors Make the Difference!

Our Little Tigers classes have a low student-instructor ratio.

You can be assured that your child will receive personal step-by-step instruction from our patient and enthusiastic staff. Our Little Tigers instructors are friendly and encouraging.

Our staff set realistic step-by-step goals for each child and encourage kids every step of the way.

Our staff are patient, enthusiastic, and they teach with a smile!

We love what we do and are sure that you and your family will feel that in the classroom.

Beginning Little Tigers Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30PM – 6:00PM No Class 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM 4:45 PM – 5:15 PM
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Tae Kwon Do will improve your child’s life in the following areas

  • Increased focus and self-control
  • A structured learning environment
  • Patient and enthusiastic instructors
  • An early introduction to exercise for building healthy habits
  • A great outlet to burn off excess energy

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What Our Members are Saying:

“We love the program – he’s always excited to come to class.” ~ Lynn Johnson

“The classes are great. The Little Tigers Program teaches disclipline and creates a healthy self esteem while having fun.” ~ The Brewer Family

Frequently Asked Questions

The different martial arts all originated in different countries thousands of years ago as forms of self-defense. Karate comes from Japan and Kung Fu from China. Tae Kwon Do is native to Korea. In terms of techniques, Tae Kwon Do emphasizes kicks more than other martial arts, making it ideal for improving balance, flexibility, and endurance.
Our experience has shown that children ages five and up will be able to take the greatest advantage from Tae Kwon Do classes. Starting at age five, children are eligible to participate in our trial program, which allows our instructors to work with them one on one and evaluate their readiness for group classes. Our staff will then use their experience to recommend the best course of action for you to take with your child.
Absolutely not! All children are taught from the first lesson that a true “Tae Kwon Do kid” never misuses their martial arts skills. Throughout their training students are reminded that being physically and mentally tough doesn’t allow one to be tough with others. Instead, Tae Kwon Do students are expected to be humble, courteous, respectful and careful about when and where they practice their skills. The instructors at Master Shin’s continuously remind students that Tae Kwon Do is a form of exercise and self improvement not a tool for bullying.
Definitely! In fact many families are finding Tae Kwon Do to be the perfect family activity, combining an exciting workout with a new learning experience. At Master Shin’s Tigers Black Belt Academy you have your choice of attending a children’s or adults’ class separately or coming together as a group to our family class. Either way you’ll have a great time and create a special family bond.