32 Classes Credit

Blue/Green/Black & Red Stripes

Advanced Poom-Se. – Tae Geuk 8 Jang

Knife Defense – (1~5)

Board Breaking (Jumping Front Snap Kick, Flying Side Kick) Free Sparring



Open Workout

Falling Tech (Flip/ Gong-Joong-Hoi-Jeon)

5/6 Count Kick

Speed Running Kick (Ap ChaGi, Dolyo ChaGi, Dwe ChaGi) Attacking Across Mat

Sparring Drills



What is the meaning of Red Belt?

Signifies blood or the sun and developing the strong foundation of your body and nature.
It is also a warning for danger


Why is it necessary to practice basics and forms?

Forms and basics build necessary solid foundation for achieving coordination, agility and skill.

Performing these techniques also builds confidence and concentration, Sir!


Can you explain why you practice “One Step Sparring”?

We practice One Step Sparring to develop effective offense and defense, control of distance, precision, speed

and reaction time, Sir!


Why do you practice breaking techniques?

We practice breaking techniques to develop power, precision, concentration, and to actually test the effectiveness

of various techniques, Sir!


Black Belt Philosophy