20 Classes Credit

Blue/Green/Black & Red Stripes

Advanced Poom-Se. – Tae Geuk 3 Jang Kicking

Defense – Round House Kick. (1~4) Board Breaking (Back Kick)

Free Sparring



Open Workout

Self-Defense – Hand Grabs(Tae Yang, Knife Hand)

10 Basic Step (Bo Bup) / 15 Basic Stance (Seo Gi): Rolling & Falling Tech

5/6 Count Kick

Speed Running Kick (Ap ChaGi, Dolyo ChaGi) Sparring Drills

Attacking Across Mat


What is a poor student?

The poor student is lazy, simply expects results without sweat, and blames others, Sir!

What is an Average student?

The Average student not only learns techniques but is able to copy what others are doing and has a strong desire to gain knowledge of expressive ability through helping others.

Accepts hard work and sweat, realizing results come from practice and cooperation, Sir!

What is the Best student?

The best student has confidence, humbleness, and a strong burning desire to never give up trying to learn new knowledge that he or she needs to learn to become the best that he or she can be and also practices what he or she has already learned until it becomes second nature, both in technique and attitude, Sir!


Children’s Questions

  1. How do you answer when your teacher calls on you?
  2.     Yes Ma’am / Yes Sir! It teaches me to be respectful to my teaches and elders.
  3. What is your address and home phone number?
  4.     (Home phone number) If I got lost, I can ask a police Officer or someone in authority to phone my

house! Never ask a stranger to help you!

Black Belt Philosophy