1. Step forward left leg (front stance), inside block w/left hand, grab over hand chop the neck w/right hand, grab w/both hands, step forward w/right leg and bring down. Break arm over shin bone.

Brown Belt 1

  1. Step forward right leg (front stance), inside block w/right hand, grab hand w/both hands & break wrist, step back w/right leg, front kick to stomach w/right leg and shin over arm press opponent down.

Brown Belt 2

  1. Left foot out (front stance), right hand knife hand, grab over wrist, left elbow strike to kidney, Chop the throat over opponent’s arm, sweep opponent’s right foot with left foot. Backfist to face

Brown Belt 3

  1. Left foot back (back stance) right hand high block, left hand chop the body, both leg move to front of opponent and kneel down, through over shoulder.

Brown Belt 4