1. Left foot forward (Front stance), inside block w/left hand. Grab opponent w/left hand, Thumb up and chop the neck w/right hand, grab w/both hands, Right foot step forward opponent down and break opponent’s elbow over right shin.

Red Belt 1

  1. Right foot forward (front stance), Right inside block. Grab opponent’s hand w/both hands twisting opponent’s hand. Right foot back, Right foot front kick. Bring left leg over opponent’s right arm, twist legs and break opponent’s arm.

Red Belt 2

  1. Hop to left (cat stance); hit opponent’s right arm w/scissors movement (left hand hitting under forearm and right hand hitting on top of wrist).Hit & Choke opponent neck w/right hand and sweep opponent w/right leg. Take opponent down and double punch.

Red Belt 3

  1. Slide back w/both legs, grab w/both hands, step forward w/left leg to right side. Bring arms up and over head, turn back, hand on shoulder, slide right leg back and bring opponent down. Left hand press elbow and finish.

Red Belt 4

  1. Slide back w/both legs, double low block. Step across w/right leg to left side, Grab knife over opponent’s right hand with right hand. Left elbow to chest. Step behind opponent w/left leg, bringing left hand around to opponent’s forehead. Grab forehead w/left hand, twisting right wrist (so blade of knife is facing opponent) and slice opponent’s throat

Red Belt 5