16 Classes Credit

Blue & Green Stripes

Basic Punching, Kicking, Blocking Tech. One Step Punching (1~3)

Poom-Se : Kibon (2) Jang

One / Two / Three Step Safe Sparring: Student Creed

Sparring: Student Creed

Board Breaking (Dol Yo Cha Gi)



Open Workout

Self-Defense (Shake Hand Tech 1~2) – Talk to the Hand # 1 & 2

Basic Target Drill

Running & Flying Kicks (Dbl Front Snap) Attacking Across Mat



Children’s Questions

  1. Who cleans your room? Do you like your room clean or dirty?
  2. I Do, Sir! If I want to be a neat and clean person, I must learn to clean my room as well as keeping my

body clean and my appearance neat.

  1. What would you do if mom and Dad say: “It’s time to study, turn off the TV.” or ” It’s time for bed?”
  2. Answer: “Yes Ma,am or Yes Sir, and do it immediately” It teaches me to be respectful and obedient to my parents.


What is the meaning of Yellow Belt?

Signifies the sunrise and opening to receive knowledge, Sir!



What is the Bow? / Why do you bow?

The bow is a Korean form of greeting, Sir! /We bow to show sincerity of respect, Sir!



When do you bow?

We bow to the flags when entering or leaving the Do-Jang (Studio), when class starts and class ends.

Also we bow to the Master, Instructor, to a higher-level belt and fellow Taekwondo students anytime, anywhere

we meet them, Sir!



Family Code (under 12 years old)

1) Be obedient to my parents 2) Be respectful my parents

3) Be respectful my brothers and sisters 4) Be faithful with my friends



Black Belt Philosophy