24 Classes Credit

Blue/Green/Black & Red Stripes

Advanced Poom-Se. – Tae Geuk 5 Jang

Kicking Defense – Yop Cha Gi – Side Kick.

(1~4) Self-Defense – Hand Grabs(1~10),

Board Breaking (Dwi Hoo Ri Gi – Spining Heel Kick)

Free Sparring



Open Workout

10 Basic Step (Bo Bup) / 15 Basic Stance (Seo Gi): Rolling & Falling Tech

5/6 Count Kick

Speed Running Kick (Ap ChaGi, Dolyo ChaGi) Attacking Across Mat

Sparring Drills



Children’s Questions

  1. What is your reason for training at Tigers Black Belt Academy?
  2. I want to become a strong and healthy person, physically and mentally.

  1. Are you a winner or loser?
  2. Winner, Sir! Winners never give up until they accomplish their goals. Losers have no goals.

What are the three basic points to remember in Taekwondo?

  1. Eye focus,
  2. Good balance,
  3. Loud, strong Ki-Hap, Sir!

Do you know why stretching exercises are necessary in Taekwondo?

Stretching exercises are necessary because – flexibility, the result of stretching, promotes youthful agility and a sense of well being. In Taekwondo flexibility allows greater speed in execution of techniques (and so more power) and a greater range of possible targets on an opponent, Sir!


Black Belt Philosophy